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About our company

We have been building web sites for over ten years now, our founder has a first class honors degree in web design and development and over the years our knowledge has expanded greatly. We try and test latest coding technologies and incorporate them into our scripts, in addition we seek out new coders and add their cool scripts as extra features for you. Our goal is to bring the most efficient well designed and coded scripts to the internet and making them available to do with whatever you decide.

New Projects

We are always considering new ideas to start making new projects

Updating Projects

As coding styles change and expand all our scripts will be upgraded when necessary.

Research Projects

Research into better methods is always our main criteria so we can bring the best to you.

Whos Talking About US

Here our a few opinions about us by others.
CmsLite you wanted it we created it.

As a Developer using CmsLite for a clients project made it easier for designing the right design for the site.

Carl Daley Web Developer

Using CmsLite for my clients sites gave me greater control on the information I wished to use within the sites.

Sarah Jarvis Designer

I needed a web site for my business that i could do by myself CmsLite was the most straight forward CMS to use.

Alice Armstrong Business Owner

We use CmsLite to teach our students different coding patterns and to show how versatile php is.
Thank you.

Jane Douglas University Lecturer

Meet our Cool Team

Jodie long

Office Manager, Cleaner and financial expert.

Jennifer Hampton

Javascript trainee, Second Coffee maker with biscuits.

Scott Williams

Developer, Good Listener, Problem Solver and Outings Organiser .

Mike Kirkham

Owner, all-round coder and coffee maker supreme.