Our Services

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Services We Provide

We provide the following service to customers who have purchased our CMS's, if something you require is not highlighted or shown on this page please do not hesitate to contact us with and questions you may need answering.

Ready To Use

All our Scripts are ready to use straght out of the box, with straightforward installation and easy navigation.

Extensive Documentation

All our Scripts come with extensive documentation, including installation guides, help guides and other relative information regarding our scripts.

Stunning Support

If you have purchased one of our scripts we are available to you for any support we can offer please do not hesitate to ask.

Free Upgrades

We offer free upgrades to all users that have purchased our scripts we will do our best to notify you when these updates have been released.

Clean Code

We work on the process that are coding skills are of the best quality and upto date as possible if you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know.

Excellent Features

We have added as many cool features as we can to CmsLite without changing the simplicity of the CMS, we will always keep features to the minimum unless requested for essentiality.

Creative Ideas

We check out new concepts everyday to see if they will work with CMsLite to make sure any new ideas for better designs can be incorporated.

Add Ons

We will always look at including add-ons or releasing new ones for CmsLite though only if it does not break the simplicity that we hae aimed for.

Bespoke Service

We offer personal services for users who wish to add bespoke functionality to their site. Upon reviewing your request we will price the work that you require and once in agreement we will proceed.

Latest Projects

Here is a collection of our Latest and past projects for your information



Simple, Reliable, Functional.

CmsLite Templates


All our templates for CmsLite.



Cool, Multi-functional, Simple.

Bekirk Templates


All of our BeKirk templates.

Our Process of Design and Development

We follow a concept that allows as to expand our sense of design, in addition we allow for change where ever necessary to only improve our first ideas.

  • Concept

    Ideas are brought together to compile what maybe the best way forward.

  • Design

    Each part is designed firstly by a drawing, then using software and then by a static html page.

  • Coding

    We code the back end of the process and then add our front end to allow both to flow seamlessly together.

  • Launch

    On final testing stage we then launch our products to bring them to you.